Gospel contemporary singer JULIET SAX is here again to bless our soul with this heavenly sound titled JESUS.

Her take on the song;

Would it surprise you to know that Jesus demands that you give Him everything?

Can you even believe or begin to grasp that He actually asks us to give up everything
in order to follow him?

I can imagine that some of us may even wonder what exactly he asks for
when he talks about giving everything up.

I will admit,
that personally this is one of the most difficult things for me to do and understand.
He asks people to give everything up.
In Luke 14:25-35,
Jesus gives us an idea of why He asks us to give everything up for Him.
Here he basically says, “Here. This is what it costs to follow me.
Everything. You can may lose your possessions. You may lose your family.
You may lose everything. And if you’re ready and willing to do that, you can follow me.”
He has given us life, hope, joy and peace of mind…
as u worship God with this song He shall Make all this permanent in our life in Jesus name Amen.


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Remain blessed,
Julietsax loves you all